What’s the Scoop and Wrap?


I started my lunch lady p.t. (feels-like-a-million-years-in-one-day) job on September 6, and I’m already 7 pounds lighter. No benefits, but a very nice perk, if you catch my slimming drift. Abandoned size 2s in my closet, I’ll be back!!! ;)

Like · ·Yesterday, September 30, 2011, at 6:44 a.m.

  • JB likes this.
  • JB: That doesn’t happen to me! I start stress eating in Sept. When you coming to Zumba??
  • Me: Just weighed myself…7.5 lbs–who needs Zumba? But seriously, my body is demolished. I asked Allison to suspend my membership until November, when there’s no work (& no pay!) for a total of 5 days. By then, I’m hoping to take fewer painkillers (“Aleve–you lie!”) and be more used to the backbreaking nature of the work. Also, the timing when working is inconvenient w/caretaking-my-bro responsibilities.
  • Me: Also, Jules, it’s the being on my feet, moving around like a workhorse maniac, for 4 hrs and 50 minutes straight out of a 5-hour shift; washing dishes and lifting heavy stuff at the steam-emitting dishwasher, and stressing (“Who’s got a gun?!”) every time I hear a loud noise while making wraps for the kids. (“Lunch lady, lunch lady, make me a wrap…”) ;)
  • JB: Oh crap, write a book, You’ve got me doubled over!!
  • JB: It is stressful work and very physical, I hear you! But still miss you back in the corner of the studio! Look after yourself, you hear??
  • Me: LOL! My cousin Randy, whom I saw sitting in the Dancing w/the Stars audience whereas I’m cutting up chicken for children, told me to start a Lunch Lady blog. He doesn’t understand, I’m too effing tired. But srsly, I’ll get used to it.
  • JB: DO IT!! Just copy and paste this stuff and it’s today’s post! OMG, you’d be freakin’ famous….everyone wants to know the inside scoop (and wrap).

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    • My hair net’s off to you, Jackie! There are two other posts thus far–“Boobies, Boobies Everywhere” and “Meeet My Teeeeeeeenagers”–so please click on Home or on the blog title to get to them, or see “Recent Posts” in the right-hand column. There’s another post in the works–“Garlic Bread Brouhaha”–but I won’t be able to finish it until Sunday.

      Thanks so much, and TGIF!!!! 🙂

  1. Teachers behaving badly, yes indeed. I ran into a similiar problem when we substitued bbq chicken patties for bbq chicken poppers….the shame!!!!

    • OMG–how could you???!!! It’s a gastronomique catastrophe!!! But seriously, teachers have a responsibility to (a) keep their blood sugar in check and (b) set a GOOD example. Hang on to your hair net and carry on. We must…for the children (the nice ones, anyway) and our tiny paychecks! Big hug from…oops, almost gave away my secret location!

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