Lunch Lady works part-time in a high school at an undisclosed location on the East Coast…or maybe not…


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    • Hia, I was hoping Marie Ircha Yoing might still be subscribed to this and would reply. I was a student there (New Utrecht High) from 84-88, & I had a science treacher by that name. She was into weight training and actually ran that class a few times. She would challenge us guys to train with her. She was in fantastic shape and most of the guys couldnt keep up with her.i was one of the few that could.
      I never forget a grueling ab workout she put me through, it was pretty tough.
      Well I hope she still visits and sees this, she has a unique name which leads me to believe it is her..btw new utrecht is on the east coast, brooklyn,ny to be exact

      • A most excellent anecdote! I’ll see if I can contact Ms. Ircha-Young and ask her to check back at the site. Unfortunately, my uber-responsibilities have prevented me from keeping up with the blog, so my readers haven’t been around. But, like I said, I’ll reach out to her. You’d better not be some crazy person!!!! ;> (I mean it, young man!)

      • Yes I am that Ms. Ircha- Young, older, wiser and has three kids! I am glad I had a lasting impression on you!

  1. lunch lady..LOL!! no crazy person here..from time to time i Google some old classmates names, teachers etc, that’s how i ended up here. I see either Ms. Ircha- Young still subscribes or you reached out because she replied.

    i was wondering, is there a way to attach a file, like one would in an email? i know i could put an avatar but that is rather tiny. i thought i could attach a pic with my reply so that Ms. Ircha- Young could put a face with a name.
    i doubt she would remember one face from hundreds and perhaps thousands, but who knows.

  2. HIA Ms. Ircha- Young!! how are you!!?? wow three kids! lol..i too am older, wiser, but minus the kids at the moment.

    i doubt you remember me, I’m Chris Paulette. perhaps Michael Pena would jog your memory? He and i were best of friends. Maybe this? A few years after graduation i was going to see my dad at work at the Manhattan VA Medical Center, as i was walking across E23rd street, i think you might have been going the opposite way. We had stopped and talked for a few minutes and at some point near the end of the conversation you told me “you need to work on your traps”. HA HA HA, never one to pull any punches.

    You were definitely one of my favorite teachers, i had always loved science and now i had a “cool” science teacher to go along with it. Then there was the way you handled the class! The best had to be with the guys that would seriously flirt with you, like a 15-18 year old kid would have a chance with a married adult woman in your position. You certainly cut them down to size with your quick come backs!
    Or when a student would say Mrs, its Ms you would reply!!

    i also remember the way you use to get on the kids about nail biting. i couldn’t tell you how you how many times i used your example of all the bacteria that grew in a petri dish from a fingernail when someone would be biting their nails.

    Yes you did have a positive effect on me as a student, even though i was a bit of a joker i don’t think i ever did poorly on any of your tests and whenever you called on me i always had the correct answer.

    Back then i had just started working out a bit and there too i learned plenty from you. like what exercise worked what muscles, sets,and reps, things of that nature.

    I’m not sure if you actually subbed the class at times for Mr. Chicarelli or if you would invite some of the students down to the weight room to “show us what a REAL workout was”. But i do remember the workouts, you even used me one time to show everyone what the latimus dorsi looked like because nobody else had one that was visible.

    Until this day I’m still working out.

    Over the past five years or so i bumped into a few teachers. Most of them were teachers for a while when i was a student and are now retired. Mr. Shapiro (Social Studies) he actually remembered me, Mr.Fitzpatrick (Math, he would always wear that white glove) he too remembered me and finally Mr. P. X. Cohen (also Social Studies) just as odd as he always, I’d think he would not be able to forget me, but he didn’t know who i was. He was actually the only one who hadn’t yet retired.

    Anyhow, i hope all is well & i wonder how teaching is for you now a days.

    In my previous post to lunch lady i asked about being able to attach a pic, hopefully there is a way and you’ll know which student i was.

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