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What’s the Scoop and Wrap?


I started my lunch lady p.t. (feels-like-a-million-years-in-one-day) job on September 6, and I’m already 7 pounds lighter. No benefits, but a very nice perk, if you catch my slimming drift. Abandoned size 2s in my closet, I’ll be back!!! ;)

Like · ·Yesterday, September 30, 2011, at 6:44 a.m.

  • JB likes this.
  • JB: That doesn’t happen to me! I start stress eating in Sept. When you coming to Zumba??
  • Me: Just weighed myself…7.5 lbs–who needs Zumba? But seriously, my body is demolished. I asked Allison to suspend my membership until November, when there’s no work (& no pay!) for a total of 5 days. By then, I’m hoping to take fewer painkillers (“Aleve–you lie!”) and be more used to the backbreaking nature of the work. Also, the timing when working is inconvenient w/caretaking-my-bro responsibilities.
  • Me: Also, Jules, it’s the being on my feet, moving around like a workhorse maniac, for 4 hrs and 50 minutes straight out of a 5-hour shift; washing dishes and lifting heavy stuff at the steam-emitting dishwasher, and stressing (“Who’s got a gun?!”) every time I hear a loud noise while making wraps for the kids. (“Lunch lady, lunch lady, make me a wrap…”) ;)
  • JB: Oh crap, write a book, You’ve got me doubled over!!
  • JB: It is stressful work and very physical, I hear you! But still miss you back in the corner of the studio! Look after yourself, you hear??
  • Me: LOL! My cousin Randy, whom I saw sitting in the Dancing w/the Stars audience whereas I’m cutting up chicken for children, told me to start a Lunch Lady blog. He doesn’t understand, I’m too effing tired. But srsly, I’ll get used to it.
  • JB: DO IT!! Just copy and paste this stuff and it’s today’s post! OMG, you’d be freakin’ famous….everyone wants to know the inside scoop (and wrap).